Monica Warford

As I was running inside the other day I saw myself in the window and thought I finally become the person that I always wanted to be. It occurred to me that my body has transformed as my mind has made changes.  I have learned that weight-loss for me was 80% about the food I put in my mouth and 20% about the exercise. I thought I had the exercise down for a long time but never could quite get the food down. After being on Weight Watchers for 4.5 years, I finally got the eating down recently.   However the exercise is the key component for me, because if I exercise in the morning I find that I make better choices on what I put in my mouth the remainder of the day. LiveWire boot camp has been an essential part of that. I love the fact that we have built-in cheerleaders in the people who surround us in class.  I know that if I miss class I'll be hearing about it from no less than two people. This makes me never want to miss class.  It also been great for my running. I have buddies who will push me during class, run with me after class, run a half marathon with me, and even cheer for me in the cold and rain of a half marathon in Houston! I have improved my mile running time from 13 minutes to 8:30. I have progressed to level one push-ups (the hardest level). And this last session, I was able to crank out 42 sit ups. I would never have thought this all possible one year ago. I thought I was close to being fit. What I realized is this simply by doing the exercises that we do I have transformed my body. I have been close to my current weight before but my body looks entirely different and I am two sizes less. And I love it! I finally look in the mirror and I see the person that I've always wanted to be. And I cannot be more thankful to everyone at Boot Camp. When I started Boot Camp in May 2012, I could not fit into my size 10 jeans that I had just bought in October 2011. Since that time I have lost 45 pounds and almost 20 inches. I do not fit in those size 10 jeans though, I now wear a size 6!

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