As the founder of LiveWire Fitness, Jennifer Reid understands the dedication and determination required to get healthy and lose weight. This marathoner, cyclist, triathlete and mother of two is an Indoor Cycling Instructor, RRCA Certified Running Coach, Wellness Coach and an Elite Certified Personal Trainer from the nationally recognized Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. Jennifer's passion for helping others reach their fitness goals even led her to the small screen where she worked as an off-camera trainer for the recent ABC television program "The Revolution". With boundless energy, a natural ability to inspire and a knack for making anyone feel at ease, Jennifer truly knows how to help people dig deep and realize their full fitness potential. Being physically fit changed her life and her desire is to help her clients experience similar results through programs that are effective, fresh and fun.




Since LiveWire was founded in 2008, Paul has worked diligently with Jennifer behind the scenes to help establish LiveWire as one of the premiere fitness groups in North Texas. Once deciding to attend a couple of classes, he realized firsthand the benefits of exercise through LiveWire.  After losing 25lbs, Paul decided to become a Cooper Elite Certified personal trainer, Wellness Coach and RRCA certified running coach.  He now leads classes at various locations throughout the Dallas area. He’s seen for himself what amazing things can happen as a result of proper diet and exercise going from a couch potato to an instructor, cyclist, runner and triathelete. Perhaps that’s why his favorite part of being a LiveWire instructor is helping members realize just what they’re truly capable of doing.




Camerine is our own real life cowgirl, competitive rock climber, mountain biker, kick-boxer and triathlete. Growing up in a fit family (her parents are half and full marathon runners) a healthy lifestyle has always come natural to her. After graduating from North Central Texas College with a degree in Equine Science, she worked with horses and animals until she decided to turn her attention to people. Now, as a Cooper Elite Certified Personal Trainer, she wants to help others through fitness and show people how to live a healthy lifestyle. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and adapting her favorite foods into healthy meals that taste great. Camerine loves all the things that living healthy and exercising have brought into her life. Now, her passion is to share this with others.





Monica is a Native Texan with a passion for health and fitness. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for over 19 years and has one son.  Prior to joining LiveWire as Lead Trainer, Monica spent the last 7 years as the Program Director for a local running store where she oversaw the training for 5k's, Half and Full Marathons. Before that Monica was a regional manager for 6 years in the weight loss industry. Monica truly enjoys helping individuals reach their fitness goals. As a Cooper Certified Physical Fitness Specialist and Wellness Coach she realizes the dedication and hard work that it takes and is excited to help you reach your personal best!    

Accomplishments include:
  • Two time qualifier for Boston Marathon
  • Completed three 100miler trail run
  • 3rd overall finisher at the Pumpkin Holler 100 miler (2014) finishing under 24hrs


As a cyclist and runner, Shane understands the discipline it takes to achieve a superior level of fitness. He’s competed in countless races over the years and knows the value of commitment and hard work. This Elite Certified Personal Trainer from the nationally recognized Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas is no stranger to teaching classes either. When he’s not instructing our clients on the best way to achieve their fitness goals, he’s lecturing in the classroom as a accomplished college professor. And, since teaching and motivating people comes naturally to him, he greatly enjoys helping people get fit so they can live healthier lives and perform at their optimal levels.



Susan is a native mid-westerner where her passion for health and fitness bloomed. Growing up in a sports minded family, she learned the value of hard work and dedication. Her passion for fitness and health led her to a BS in Physical Education and Health from Michigan State University. In fact, while at Michigan State she began teaching aerobics and coaching clients to their fitness goals. At that point, she realized that helping and motivating other to be their best was what she wanted to do.

Susan moved to Texas and launched her fitness career. In the past 20 years, she has been involved in all aspect of fitness from personal trainer, aerobics coordinator, running coach, boot camp instructor and even running retail stores. Susan's own passion in fitness has ranged from aerobic competitor and demo performer, running 5k’s, half and full marathons.

Susan loves to help others reach their fitness and life goals!



Deidra is an amazing wife, mom of 2 and has to keep fit for her busy schedule.  Her passion for fitness led her to LiveWire Fitness boot camp where she found the passion the trainers had was something she wanted to share!  She now heads up marketing for LiveWire and also teaches classes.  As a Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, her goal is to lead by example and empowers others to get fit at any stage of life! Deidra also has a passion for running, she has completed many 5k's, 10ks, half marathons and full first marathon in 2002.  Deidra's energy is contagious and is excited to share LiveWire Fitness with the North Dallas community.



Blessed with a wonderful husband and three energetic children, Angela is like most of us. Busy. But she wholeheartedly believes that if we make time for exercise and good nutrition, many of today’s health problems are preventable. That’s why, for over 15 years, she’s been physically active in a wide range of activities such as running, cycling, kickboxing, yoga and swimming. And despite teaching at LiveWire, working full time, managing her kids’ extra curricular activities and juggling the daily craziness of life, she knows that if she can make time for exercise, so can anyone. She’s experienced firsthand how making health a priority can ultimately help a person get more out of life – and her goal is to help our members realize this as well.