Jack Haynes

LiveWire Bootcamp has been a 2013 staple for me. A key ingredient in my goal to improve my overall health reducing health risks associated with inactivity and poor nutrition. Although generally fit when I started, my mile time improved from 7 minute/mile to 6/min mile almost reaching my goal to run a sub 6 minute mile. The number of pushups I could complete in sixty seconds increased by 50%. These results were made possible largely through the encouragement and instruction provided by LiveWire fitness instructors Camerine Day, Jennifer Reid and Heather Deuillet. Camerine is my regular bootcamp instructor providing regular guidance and assistance inside and outside class. She suggested joining Run Club which enabled me to double down on my cardio training while introducing me to a positive group that reinforced my commitment to health and nutrition. Through both Run Club and Bootcamp, thanks to Live Wire, I have been better focused, less stressed and better able to deal with the bumps in the road of daily life. Heather has been my running club coach, buddy and pseudo therapist. She provides me with someone to chit chat with so vital to deal with the challenges that come from an 8-10 mile long run while pushing me to sub 7 minute finishes on occasions.Jennifer tediously plans out all the great courses for the run club while ensuring we all stay safe and adequately hydrated. LiveWire fitness has been my life line for 2013 and I certainly plan to keep it in my 2014 Lifeline plan.

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