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Fit in Your Little Black Dress 365 Days a Year

If you are like most women, fitting into your perfect little black dress requires crazy diets, detoxes and restrictions summed up by suffering.  Be it for a wedding, high school reunion or gala event, the glory of fitting in this little dress is usually surrounded by drama and trauma.  Wouldn’t it be nice to fit in that little cute thing 365 days a year without tears, stress and starvation?!

The Little Black Dress Club is designed to help you do just that!  With a little knowledge, discipline and guidance you too can master the tips, tricks and twists to slip in that little dress year-round.  Surrounded by accountability partners, wellness coaches and a registered dietitian coaching you along the way, you will look and feel your best every day of the year!

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What does The Little Black Dress Club offer you?

  1. Want to know how many calories that little black dress requires?  We’ll tell you. Our registered dietitian will calculate your nutrient needs based on your height, weight, age and activity level.  This will help you fine-tune your daily calorie needs.

  2. Sick of the media and magazine’s nutrition advice?  We will provide you with science-based, practical weekly blogs on all sorts of nutrition, health and wellness topics for you and your family.

  3. What’s for dinner?  Or breakfast or lunch for that matter?  You will receive weekly meal plans with grocery lists and recipes. 

  4. Snack attack or is it attacking you?  Included in you weekly meal plans will be all sorts of nutrient-rich snack options just for you.  Our healthy snacking tips and ideas will define the curves of that little black dress.

  5. Is your weekend or waistline winning?  Don’t worry we won’t forget the weekends!  Weekend Waistline Wins will help you when eating out at brunch, dinner or happy hour.  Ever wonder how much exercise it takes to work off red wine and margaritas?  Have no fear my dear…we got you covered!

  6. Can you have your cake and eat it too?  On a normal basis you will receive tips, tricks and twists to swap your favorite snacks and treats for a lower-calorie version.  Suffering and deprivation is not a part of our plan!

  7. You got questions?  We got answers!  Our “Ask the Dietitian” component of the club allows you to send in your questions to the dietitian.  We will anonymously post the question and the answer on Facebook so we can all learn.  If you are wondering it, believe us, someone else is too!  We got you!

  8. Need a soul-sista?  We hear ya!  Accountability is essential for long-term success!  Having a person that you can confide in, trust and that can motivate you will help you stay strong all 365 days.  This is not a short-term program, challenge or diet; it is a lifestyle of learning how to eat and live to feel your best and help others do the same!

  9. Ever wonder if anyone feels your pain?  They do, trust us, and we have a private Facebook Group just for you! Our group allows you to talk to women in your shoes, high heels of course!  Being able to ask questions and share ideas is key to a creative, innovative, nutrient-rich lifestyle.

  10. Need to talk it out?  We do too and we are going to have social events to do just that!  Having friends that do what you do, train like you train and eat like you eat are helpful and necessary.  The Little Black Dress Club is designed to not only shape your figure, but to help shape your life with women that support and encourage you