Nadeem Syed

I discovered the livewirefit classes while searching for a workout option that will fit with my hectic work schedule but I was not willing to compromise. I needed a workout regime that I would stick with, where I will get challenged and in the bargain improve both my health and fitness. The livewirefit bootcamp classes have been all those and more. Each of the three trainers that I had the opportunity to work with, Jennifer, Paul, and Angela, have been a blast. No two workout sessions are same, the workouts are always offered with variations so they will challenge anyone, all trainers do each exercise with the class and they are all very engaged. The daily emails keep you involved and the group of people in the class are a great bunch. So there is no lack of motivation to go to classes. Combine that with the locations across west Plano and classes and this is a perfect option. The net of it: I lost 33 lbs over 6 months to attain my target weight for the first time in over a decade.

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