What Livewire 5:30 AM boot camp means to me.  People ask, "Why do you go to boot camp at 5:30 in the morning?"  I reply, "It's fun and it's good for me.  We do something different everyday. I look forward to seeing the friends that I have made and they help to hold me responsible for going.  And I like getting my exercise out of the way so I don't have it hanging over me for the rest of the day." I also know that it has made me healthier; people tell me look better;  and I am in the best shape of my life. Boot camp is hard.  We sweat and groan and look awful but the instructors are flexible and offer alternatives when necessary so I can receive the results of a strenuous workout without hurting myself. Why do I go?  Because it's hard, it's fun, it's good for me and I can see the results in the mirror.


Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

With the guidance of Livewire, I've been able to lose 55 pounds and gain a love of healthy living. Their trainers are friendly and very motivating; they make it a fun atmosphere to work out together.  I have participated in personal training, boot camp and group fitness with LiveWire.  The accountability and friendships circles I have made through all the Livewire classes have been priceless!


Tricia Gordan

Chocolate milk, two hour window of opportunity and lots of liquids have become my motto as I finish a workout with the LiveWire Fitness Trainers.  I have tried different exercise programs over the last couple of years but none has been as thorough as LiveWire Fitness.  Most programs incorporate cardio, strength training, baseline measurements and dietary suggestions; however, LiveWire Fitness goes above and beyond.  They include boot camp fitness, running clubs, grocery shopping tours, goal setting and a nutritional plan that is broken down by meals and snacks per day.  It is simple, affordable and practical. I am thrilled to have a “go to place” for my daily caloric suggestions that includes grocery items that are healthy and easy to find. Also, the plan helps me to prepare by day, week or month. I am now better prepared to meet my exercise and weight loss goals.  Thanks to Jen and Paul (owners) who have put a lot of effort into making their Fitness program comprehensive, easy yet challenging, and filled with a community of people all working to support each other on their individual goals.


Tom Yingst

Since joining the Core Energy class at Rosemeade Recreation Center, I am happy to report that my health has improved in a number of areas.  I have lost approximately 12 pounds, my heart rate is a steady 118/68 @ 68 bpm and my blood sugar has decreased by 20-25 points.  My flexibility and endurance are noticeably improved and in general I just feel better!  Needless to say I attribute this to Shane's Core Energy class and the program that Livewire Fitness offers.


Monica Warford

As I was running inside the other day I saw myself in the window and thought I finally become the person that I always wanted to be. It occurred to me that my body has transformed as my mind has made changes.  I have learned that weight-loss for me was 80% about the food I put in my mouth and 20% about the exercise. I thought I had the exercise down for a long time but never could quite get the food down. After being on Weight Watchers for 4.5 years, I finally got the eating down recently.   However the exercise is the key component for me, because if I exercise in the morning I find that I make better choices on what I put in my mouth the remainder of the day. LiveWire boot camp has been an essential part of that. I love the fact that we have built-in cheerleaders in the people who surround us in class.  I know that if I miss class I'll be hearing about it from no less than two people. This makes me never want to miss class.  It also been great for my running. I have buddies who will push me during class, run with me after class, run a half marathon with me, and even cheer for me in the cold and rain of a half marathon in Houston! I have improved my mile running time from 13 minutes to 8:30. I have progressed to level one push-ups (the hardest level). And this last session, I was able to crank out 42 sit ups. I would never have thought this all possible one year ago. I thought I was close to being fit. What I realized is this simply by doing the exercises that we do I have transformed my body. I have been close to my current weight before but my body looks entirely different and I am two sizes less. And I love it! I finally look in the mirror and I see the person that I've always wanted to be. And I cannot be more thankful to everyone at Boot Camp. When I started Boot Camp in May 2012, I could not fit into my size 10 jeans that I had just bought in October 2011. Since that time I have lost 45 pounds and almost 20 inches. I do not fit in those size 10 jeans though, I now wear a size 6!


Ravi Narayan

I started with LiveWire Fitness as part of a new year resolution to lose weight and get fit. I did lose 15+ pounds within a few months, but thanks to the wonderful encouragement from Paul, Jennifer, Megan and fellow boot campers, I discovered the joys of running. I started running a mile with Paul around the TMC and before long participated in a couple of 5Ks that were a lot of fun. Then, this year, I ran a 10K, 15K and a half marathon in consecutive months - all thanks to encouragement and support from the LiveWire Fitness team of instructors, boot campers and runners! Plus, they have boot camp and group fitness classes that are really convenient times in the morning at various locations around Plano and Carrollton - they make it real easy and fun for me to work out, keep excess weight away and stay fit.


Steve Hayes

LiveWire's Fitness boot camp sessions are high energy workouts that deliver conditioning results very quickly as my overall physical fitness and endurance has increased significantly over the past year especially in the area of long distant running. There are several different types of workout sessions that are designed for all ages, levels of conditioning and encourage the family to train together as I workout with my daughter almost every week. LiveWire owners/trainers are dedicated, outgoing, very personable, provide the right amount of encouragement with personal goal accountability and most of the time make a workout fun to do. The group of people I work out with are great as we hold each other accountable when we miss a workout. Working out with LiveWire has been a great experience even at 5:30 am.


Jack Haynes

LiveWire Bootcamp has been a 2013 staple for me. A key ingredient in my goal to improve my overall health reducing health risks associated with inactivity and poor nutrition. Although generally fit when I started, my mile time improved from 7 minute/mile to 6/min mile almost reaching my goal to run a sub 6 minute mile. The number of pushups I could complete in sixty seconds increased by 50%. These results were made possible largely through the encouragement and instruction provided by LiveWire fitness instructors Camerine Day, Jennifer Reid and Heather Deuillet. Camerine is my regular bootcamp instructor providing regular guidance and assistance inside and outside class. She suggested joining Run Club which enabled me to double down on my cardio training while introducing me to a positive group that reinforced my commitment to health and nutrition. Through both Run Club and Bootcamp, thanks to Live Wire, I have been better focused, less stressed and better able to deal with the bumps in the road of daily life. Heather has been my running club coach, buddy and pseudo therapist. She provides me with someone to chit chat with so vital to deal with the challenges that come from an 8-10 mile long run while pushing me to sub 7 minute finishes on occasions.Jennifer tediously plans out all the great courses for the run club while ensuring we all stay safe and adequately hydrated. LiveWire fitness has been my life line for 2013 and I certainly plan to keep it in my 2014 Lifeline plan.


Nadeem Syed

I discovered the livewirefit classes while searching for a workout option that will fit with my hectic work schedule but I was not willing to compromise. I needed a workout regime that I would stick with, where I will get challenged and in the bargain improve both my health and fitness. The livewirefit bootcamp classes have been all those and more. Each of the three trainers that I had the opportunity to work with, Jennifer, Paul, and Angela, have been a blast. No two workout sessions are same, the workouts are always offered with variations so they will challenge anyone, all trainers do each exercise with the class and they are all very engaged. The daily emails keep you involved and the group of people in the class are a great bunch. So there is no lack of motivation to go to classes. Combine that with the locations across west Plano and classes and this is a perfect option. The net of it: I lost 33 lbs over 6 months to attain my target weight for the first time in over a decade.


Josh Willi

I joined LiveWire in February of 2013 and have seen improvements in myself that no other exercise routine, DVD, book, or program has given me. I'm pushed to my limits and beyond with each class, helping me achieve aerobic and fitness goals I didn't think possible. The variety of exercises provided each class day means that you likely won't see the exact same one-hour class over the course of a year. It keeps things fresh, interesting, and demanding. I challenge anyone to try one week at a LiveWire class and not want to come back for more!


Robert Terrell

Even though I had a couple of decades of running experience, I had always run alone and was not feeling the motivation to run like I used to.  My wife joined a Live Wire Fitness boot camp where she met Paul and Jennifer Reid, the owners and leaders.  She encouraged me to join the Live Wire Fitness running club which I did.  Now the joy of running is back.  The running club is made up of all kinds and levels of runners, so it is perfect for anyone, young or old, who is interested in learning more about running or just likes the socialization of running with others.  I can’t imagine a nicer group of people or better leaders.  If you are looking for a place to start running or just a group of runners with which to share the experience, then Live Wire Fitness is your place.


Stephanie Kinser

I felt at home the minute I signed up for Livewire Fitness.  I was searching for a workout program that could blend well with a busy work schedule that often requires travel.  Livewire provides many different types of classes at different times to suit your needs.  The trainers are the best and keep the class motivated and energized.  Attending bootcamp regularly has helped my strength, endurance, confidence, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  I even joined the running club and ran a 1/2 Marathon (bucket list) and sprint triathalon with members from Livewire.


Tina DeWees

I joined LiveWire in March of 2013 to increase my activity from another bootcamp that I was not benefitting from any longer. In 8 months, I have lost 25 lbs, moved down 3 sizes and increased my cardiac activity and stamina. I can do exercises I never thought I could and enjoy them. My body shape has changed and I love the way I look and feel. It is hard to roll out of bed at 5 a.m. everyday and go to boot camp but every time I walk out the door after our workout, I never regret it, feel great and my outlook for the entire day is positive.....and it hurts so good!


Nancy Friemel

After working out with LiveWire Fitness for 4 years this word speaks volumes to me. After having my second child, I joined LiveWire on a trial basis and LOVED it! Working out and waking up is hard enough, but when you’re surrounded by others who want to make the same healthy lifestyle changes, it’s much easier and FUN! A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. According to my doctors, the workout regime I was following through LiveWire helped my recovery process immensely. Today, I am cancer free and feel stronger both physically and mentally. Come try out LiveWire Fitness. You’ll learn, laugh, and love what LiveWire has to offer. HOORAH!


Rosie Nielsen

I signed up for Livewire's core conditioning class in August when the other class I was enrolled in got canceled. For so long I had hesitated to take a the class fearing it would be too difficult for me and an ankle injury had landed me on the side lines for almost a year. But our instructor. Cameron Day, has been fantastic at encouraging me to stay with this program. Her workouts have gotten more out of me than I ever knew I had. One good choice leads to other good choices.  Knowing that I have to get up early for this class has helped me to stick to a better sleeping routine. Additionally, after putting in all that hard work and with Cameron's motivating emails, it is easier to make good food choices.  I am so glad I took this class and started this program because health wise I feel better and stronger. And, oh yes, my clothes fit better too . Size 4 skinny jeans are so worth it!


Ken Hutchinson

I joined LiveWire in the fall of 2012 after my wife saw their boot-camp class offered at our neighborhood rec center.  We’re big believers in supporting our local community so I signed up.  Over a year later, I’ve lost 25 pounds, shaved 3 minutes off my mile, and dropped 3 inches off my waist.  All with no injury.  More importantly, with the combination of boot-camp and healthy changes in my diet, my A1c dropped from 6.5% to 5.6%.  The combination of dedicated instructors and encouraging boot-campers I’ve met keep me coming back each session.  The classes are flexible, affordable, dynamic, and extremely fun.  After seeing what I can accomplish so far, I’m looking forward to setting even more aggressive goals with my boot-camp family this year.



Sean Hiatt

Ann Marie and Scott Hunter