Tricia Gordan

Chocolate milk, two hour window of opportunity and lots of liquids have become my motto as I finish a workout with the LiveWire Fitness Trainers.  I have tried different exercise programs over the last couple of years but none has been as thorough as LiveWire Fitness.  Most programs incorporate cardio, strength training, baseline measurements and dietary suggestions; however, LiveWire Fitness goes above and beyond.  They include boot camp fitness, running clubs, grocery shopping tours, goal setting and a nutritional plan that is broken down by meals and snacks per day.  It is simple, affordable and practical. I am thrilled to have a “go to place” for my daily caloric suggestions that includes grocery items that are healthy and easy to find. Also, the plan helps me to prepare by day, week or month. I am now better prepared to meet my exercise and weight loss goals.  Thanks to Jen and Paul (owners) who have put a lot of effort into making their Fitness program comprehensive, easy yet challenging, and filled with a community of people all working to support each other on their individual goals.

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